Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Online Presence - Prime Factors

Presence of your brand/business/product does matter a lot on internet; it creates an identity of your business and lets people aware of your product. Frequent update in your social media strategy according to market trend keeps you alive in the competition.

To keep updating your business, here are some factors which can help you to create a strong presence for your Online Marketing Agency:-

Social Media Promotion
Social media tools is one of the best ways to drive traffic as well as business. Day by day social media websites are including new and vibrant features to help business grow. Here are some exciting features added by social media websites in 2012 so far:-
Social Networking Websites
Social Networking Websites
  • Pinterest Business Accounts
  • LinkedIn Company Pages
  • Global Brand Pages by Facebook
  • Google+ local (previously Google+ Places)
  • Amazon Pages for Brands
Google+ Profile & Pages
Google+ profiles and creating pages can raise your ranking by allowing you to leap out in search results for the posts and the pages you have posted. In the forthcoming year authorship, content and social interactions are going to play an extremely significant role in ranking and search engine optimization. Google fetches results from Google+ profiles and show them at SERP when a query is searched by user, so it is advantageous to keep a well optimized Google+ profile.

Optimizing Mobile Devices
Smartphone & tablet users are aggressively increasing day by day, more and more of us rely on mobile applications. According to a survey 56 percent of all mobile phone owners in the US access the internet, a lot of consumers have begin to pay for their purchases using their mobile phones, In that case business organizations like online shopping business, SEO Consultant need to be prepared and take benefit of this trend to promote their product/ business. If you haven’t already optimized your site for mobile devices, you better start it from today.

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  1. Online presence make a brand awareness of business. We can create online presence through social media marketing.