Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Advantages of ASP.NET in Offshore development Industry

Microsoft‘s ASP.NET has great features, unbelievable performance heights, it has contributed a lot of in Offshore development industry since its inception. Its IDE Visual Studio the best IDE of you can find in the market.

There are many benefits of ASP.NET in software industry some of them are listed here:-

1. ASP.NET can support more than 40 different software development languages. Therefore you get many choices of languages to work on.
2. Functions of .Net Framework remain intact in ASP.NET. Therefore it supports web services, email, database interaction, XML and many similar technologies.
3. ASP.NET recovers the restriction of its ancestor ASP. In ASP codes were always interpreted before the requested page was shown. In ASP.NET the server does not have to re read the code and interpret it to display the results.
4. In ASP.NET the process of reading he code happens only once and the result automatically gets saved on the server.
5. ASP.NET is very helpful to software development team which is working in tune with the web development team. If offers you the option to isolate the server side code from the HTML. Hence if in case the program needs modification it can be done so without affecting the HTML layout.

This is just the synopsis of benefits of ASP.NET, there are many benefits which are overlooked so far. I will cover them later.

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