Thursday, 6 December 2012

Top Marketing Trends for 2013

Today’s consumers expect personalization and refined online user experiences. They’re looking for content that informs, entertains, and adds value to their everyday lives. To deal with digital marketing challenges, businesses need a new approach towards consumer and their engagement. You can do this by producing large number of quality content that is exceptional, personalized, and relevant, along with that you need a marketing strategy which can make that content viral. Hence, I am going to brief here some marketing trends which are going to make an upside down change in the industry:-

  • Social, Local, Mobile:- The short form for this is SoLoMo, meaning is people access social networking while being local place on mobile. These are really important factors of digital marketing in upcoming year. Business organizations must optimize all these factors with full of energy to maximize their reach.
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  • Mobile Era:- Over 800 million smart phones and tablets have been sold in 2012 so far. Now more people access the Internet via mobile, in that case an organizations need to play good on mobile devices of all sizes.
  • Video and Audio Marketing:- In next year we will see businesses use video and audio as tools for online engagement and content marketing. Interactive video ads, podcasts, audio-blogs, video blogs, and social video productions, they will create a massive impact on market and content will become part of the digital marketing in forthcoming year.
  • Content Marketing:- As consumers realize the possibilities of SoLoMo, they’ll demand even-more personalized content. Businesses will have to create contextually-relevant content that speaks to the needs of each segment of their target audience.

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