Monday, 11 March 2013

Web Designing Mistakes Which Ruins Website’s SEO

In 2013 SEO’s has become vast and a website’s design is certainly a major factor for its SERP rankings. When a website is being developed by Software Development Company, it should not make these mistakes which I am going to explain. These are some common and serious mistakes with website development which can lead a website to grave consequences.

Not using responsive websites

There are millions of users who access web through their mobile devices that is why mobile SEO has become an important task. Hence, It is very essential to design a website in a way that it can load on every kind of device.
Previously, web developers were designing two versions of website, one for conventional personal computers and other for mobile devices but responsive design brought a revolution in web designing. Now you don’t need to create different version, one version would work on all devices.

No optimization of 404 pages

There are many websites which haven’t optimized a custom 404 page yet, this is a big mistake. If something is missing on your website then you need to notify the user about that. You should not leave the user in the middle of your website.

No subscription option

Not having a subscription widget is losing users who want to listen from you again. If you are providing good knowledge to user then user might want to hear from you again, Subscription option gives a chance to engage that user with your website.

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